Thursday 2 July 2015

Quick Summer Prawns

As most people in the UK will be more than aware, the 1st July was one of the hottest days on record. Much of the day, there was cloud cover so it was unusually humid to boot. The most sensible thing to have done for dinner, was either a takeaway, or a salad with cold meats that required no cooking. But no, not me. Clever nuts here decided to fire up the Big Green Egg, just to add that little extra heat to the situation!

I wasn't completely stupid. I decided to cook something that required very little time on the egg so that I could snuff it out again as soon as humanly possible! My thoughts immediately turned to prawns. Great big juicy king prawns in olive oil, garlic, lemon rind, coriander and parsley. Obviously, these could be easily done under a hot grill or on a conventional BBQ.

I cooked them with the egg set for indirect cooking at around 200c for 5 minutes. They came out perfectly juicy and packing serious flavour. A big squirt of fresh lemon juice and some seasoning and they were ready to go.

To serve, I had made a batch of peperonata the day before to go with some chicken thighs I had also cooked on the egg. Seemed sensible to pair lovely rich pepper, onion and tomato stew with the zingy, crisp lemony notes of the prawns. Then some finely shredded Chinese leaf cabbage with Caesar dressing stirred through on the side.  

I'll post my recipes soon for both the peperonata and a really quick, easy Caesar dressing that involves no messing about with egg yolks and anchovies.

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