Big Green Egg

16th June 2015

"It's not a BBQ, it's a way of life"!!

So the age old question has finally been answered comprehensively and can not be proved otherwise. The Egg has to have come first, otherwise there would be nothing to cook the chicken on. Fact.

The newest addition to the CriggyBites family. She's called Shelly. Apologies to all those of you who have just lost the use of a rib or two as a result of me telling you that.

I'm not sure exactly how long I've wanted one. Feels like many years, but it can't be as they've not been available over here to the everyday consumer for that long. Some people get a bit sniffy if you refer to it as a BBQ, and I can see why. The flexibility it provides is amazing. I now refer to mine as "an outdoor cooking system". I then get punched in the face for being pretentious.

On this blog, I will be posting links to food I've cooked or will be cooking on the Egg. I am going to try and cook more than just the normal pulled pork and beef brisket (now don't get me wrong here, there will be plenty of those cooked and consumed) but there are a thousand and one recipes on the net and hundreds of YouTube clips of people cooking those things so why post another one.

All that is required, is a period of time for me to experiment and develop recipes which I will then be sharing.

To be continued....

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