Here are some of my favorite and most used cook books. You'll notice that there are a few pig related ones!

Hog - Richard H Turner
Pig - Johnnie Mountain

Nose to Tail Eating - Fergus

Cracking Yolks and Pigs Tails
Glynn Purnell

The Whole Hog - Libbie Summers

Pitt Cue Co - Tom Adams,
Jamie Berger, Simon Anderson,
Richard H Turner 

Movida Cocina - Frank Camorra
Richard Cornish

Japanese Soul Cooking
Tadashi Ono, Harris Salat

Meat Liquor - Scott Collins
Yianni Papoutsis

Breath of a Wok - Grace Young
Alan Richardson
Heritage - Sean Brock
Less Halles Cookbook
Anthony Bourdain

Larousse Gastronomique
Momofuku - David Chang
Pork and Sons
Stephane Reynaud

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